Theme 1 – Renewable energy
1StopConsultants has renewable energy as one of its expertise themes. The World is in an ever-increasing pace switching from energy generated by the application of fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) and nuclear power generation to renewable sources of energy.

1.a – Solar energy
1StopConsultants knowledge is in both solar cell manufacturing as well as the management and exploitation of solar parks, and roof top solutions. Furthermore, 1StopConsultants follow closely new solar cell technologies, especially as if these technologies are at the stage of commercialization.

1.b – Biomass to Energy
Biomass to Energy is one of the power generation technologies which is of great knowledge and interest of 1StopConsultants. Any residual product from any bio-economic unit can be applied for power generation. Thus any investment in a Bio mass to energy project or as technology provider would be from great interest for South east Asia, where a lot of feedstock for these types of power plants are sufficient available.

1.c – Waste to Energy
1StopConsultants see great potential in Waste to Energy power plants technologies and investments in South East Asia. Precondition for success, is that a long term (>20 years) Power Off take contract can be negotiated, and that tolling fees on the waste processed can be charged. 

SE Asia faces a growing waste problem. Asian municipalities are increasingly producing several hundreds of millions of tons of residential garbage.  Demand for waste-to-energy technology in the SE Asia is expected to grow rapidly, as those countries urgently searching to find sustainable alternatives to environmentally harmful landfills.

1.d – Wind Energy
1StopConsultants helps and consult in the management and exploitation of wind energy parks, in South East Asia.

With the global concerns over local air pollution and energy security, improvements in technology and costs, and the need for energy portfolio diversification, wind energy is expanding worldwide. The estimated wind energy potential in Asia is in millions of MW (per National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) estimate and others) and, currently, very little electricity is produced from wind in Asia, with the exception of China and India.

SE Asia is in need of technologies, manufacturing capacity, design experiences, and operations and maintenance expertise to develop and manage large scale wind farms, with cost advantages.


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