Information technology solutions

Technology solutions are always a special concern of businesses in the current era of advanced IT break through. The world is getting more and more closer thanks to this kind of convenience. Technology from its inception up to now has always played an important role in social life, it has created a historic turning point, it also affected every aspect of life as well as made the business environment change massively more than ever before. Almost every field uses technology. Thanks to technology, society develops faster and stronger. The more society develops, the more its becomes evident. In today’s society, the public has access to information through many different channels, people cannot work well and effectively without technology and also cannot live without it. “Technology in Vietnam is currently developing very strongly. This is an opportunity and a challenge for us, if businesses do not update the latest technology solutions, it will be difficult to develop and keep pace with domestic and international businesses. ” Therefore, we – 1StopVN is pleased to introduce to our customers, organization, enterprise the solutions in many fields.

IT infrastructure solution

Network solutions

Today, the explosion of the Internet and its applications has changed the business strategies and model. The gradual transformation from traditional to electronic transactions, via the internet has significantly affected the position, role and operation mode in the business operation chain (including customers, suppliers, investors …). Electronic transactions are getting bigger and bigger, requiring faster speed, accuracy and safety. Therefore, the IT model of businesses must also change in order to make IT systems work faster and help services as well as applications operate more stably. Besides, enhancing the flexibility and security would also be taken into consideration.

Security solution

Information and data security is one of the biggest challenges for organizations and businesses in this digital age. For businesses that possess important data and require protection, it is necessary to monitor the usage status closely. This kind of data is a place to store and process information related to customers, partners, employees or business strategies and so do the secrets. If the data and processes are not properly processed, there will undoubtedly be significant disruption and damage to the business as well as the massive loss of its reputation.

Data solutions, storage System storage solution (NAS)

Today, since computers and the Internet grow, everything has gradually been digitized. Storing, sharing & using data is an important issue that many users face. Some of the most common ways that people do are store data on usb, memory cards, portable hard drives, or on server. However, there is a kind of data storage device appearing in the past few years that is not popular to many people such as NAS network storage device or the NAS network hard drive. NAS network storage device & NAS data storage solution, an entirely new storage solution with more utilities than USB, Mobile hard drives. It’s simple, easy to use and save operating costs than hosted solutions.

Cloud computing solutions

In the past, to upgrade information technology systems, businesses often had to invest a large amount of money in infrastructure, including hardware and software, which were both expensive and time-consuming especially for small and medium businesses.

Cloud technology helps businesses eliminate the need to build their own infrastructure, such as a data center, and it does not require businesses to maintain IT team with many members.

In addition, you completely have the right to choose the most appropriate solution to grow your business and optimize profits. Users only need to pay for the service they actually use, just like a taxi timer that only runs when the wheels start to move, customers only pay for the distance that the car has made. This allows businesses, especially small and medium enterprises to easily adjust costs.

Software solutions

ERP enterprise management solution (ODOO)

Odoo is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. ERP is an enterprise resource used to plan system, which can be considered as the integration of components to manage a business. To make it easier to imagine, a business including many parts that need to be managed such as inventory management, sales management (sale), employee management (employees), point of sale (point of sale). – POS), … and these modules are integrated into a management software called Odoo instead of using software for each part. Also, the operating costs are lower compared to other software such as SAP or Oracle. The interface is also simple, easy to use for even those who do not know about IT. It can be said that every enterprise ERP solution wants to optimize, and Odoo ERP is one of the best candidates ever

Social Marketing solutions

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has gradually become an integral part of people, more than 57% of the Vietnamese population uses Facebook that provides a wide path for business advertising. Facebook Marketing is one of the indispensable parts of your company’s Digital Marketing activities, with significant measurement effectiveness.

Currently, 1StopVN is providing Facebook Marketing service packages for individuals and businesses:

Fanpage Care Service: Post daily, create mini games for customers, write high-quality content, design photos, videos for fan page, run ads for articles.

Online advertising on Facebook service: Idea creation, market research, product customers, and planning to run ads for individuals and businesses.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an advertising method that helps your website reach the target customers quickly. This method applies to the types of products that run on a seasonal basis, promotions because the time to top up is instant, quick marketing, targeting the right target customers: region, age, interests, search keywords. To get the best effect, many businesses have bought Google Adwords advertising services from A to Z with a not too big budget.

1StopVN company is currently providing 2 service packages which are G1 and G2. We will analyze customer behavior, habits and offer the most optimal keywords and strategies, and will set up, monitor, and report strategic results weekly /monthly /quarterly whenever Any customers request.

Website Solutions (personal and business)

According to statistics, Vietnam has had an increase in Internet users from 17 million to more than 50 million since 2005 due to the development of Information Technology. In particular, the knowledge and competency of applying technology benefits are constantly increasing. 1StopVN company provides all-in-one website services such as creating an identity logo; website design with beautiful, creative interface, optimized for all devices (mobile, computers); hosting, domain name, …


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