Facebook adsense

Facebook has gradually become an integral part of us, more than 57% of the Vietnamese population uses Facebook, thereby opening a wide path for business advertising. Running Facebook ads is one of the mandatory components in digital marketing activities of businesses, with significant measurement effectiveness.

Running Facebook ads to bring benefits to your business strategy?

We all know how to run Facebook ads to occupy a significant position in the marketing activities of the business thanks to its wide Facebook coverage, quick reach, and other visible advantages. The significant benefits are:

Target the right customers: No matter what kind of customers you want: male or female, how old are they, and where they live, what interest they,etc. Because you have the right to decide on your target customers who you want to advertise for. The custom section running Facebook ads will help you localize your audience easily.

Increase sales revenue by reaching thousands of new customers: With billions of users on Facebook, running ads will create favorable conditions for you to reach many new customers, increasing the number of potential customers.

Reduce costs: If you identify the right people who want to market your products and services, you will save a lot of advertising costs, helping to limit customers who do not need products and services you are currently providing.

Diversified forms of advertising: Many forms of promoting products and services to help you choose the right advertising type for your marketing campaign. Control daily expenses paid for Facebook ads, or total expenses needed for advertising campaigns on Facebook: To avoid being over budget. Ads display right after installation is complete: help you reach customers faster, very suitable for products and services for seasonal use.

Google adsense

Google Adwords is one of Google’s advertising methods to help your website quickly reach the target customers. This method applies to the types of products running on a seasonal basis, promotions because the time to top up is instant, quick marketing, targeting the right target customers: region, age, interests, search keywords. To get the best effect, many businesses have hired Google Adwords advertising services from A to Z with a not too big budget.

Why should we get google Adwords service?

Before starting a marketing business, people need to find out how it works, how to operate, measure, … and it seems to take a long time. You have to spend money to take a course on Google Adwords, and that does not make sure if you could “absorb” it or not.

If you are not knowledgeable and understandable of Google Adwords enough, you will have money to burn quickly and meaninglessly. In this case, you should think about using the external Google Adwords services, the team has many years of experience, the quality of work and the revenue are also more guaranteed.

Advertise using Google AdWords ads in the Sponsored Links section which is next to “Search results” to boost website traffic and sales. With Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) keyword advertising, you pay only for results. Google AdWords is an essential online marketing solution for any website owner and any type of business.

Google Ads’ costs in 1StopVN Company:

Types No. of key words Service cost Advertising cost Total cost
G1 1-5 400.000 VND 1.600.000 VND 2.000.000
G2 1-10 1.000.000 VND 4.000.000 VND 5.000.000


– The cost does not apply for the keywords including 1 word or popular keywords.

– The cost does not include 10% VAT

The cost includes:

– Analysis fee: Accumulate the behavior and habits of target customers to find the most effective keywords to target the right target customers.

– Advertising consulting fee: Advice customers to choose keywords, budget, time for advertising campaigns on Google, suitable for your product/service.

– Advertising setup fee: Set up an advertising campaign so that the number of people reading ads the most.

– Advertising monitoring fee: Track the activities of daily advertising campaigns to evaluate the effectiveness of keywords, thereby improving advertising campaigns to achieve the highest efficiency.

– Results report fee: Detailed report on the results of periodic implementation of the campaign weekly / monthly/quarterly or anytime customers request.

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