Facebook has gradually become an integral part of us, more than 57% of the Vietnamese population uses Facebook, thereby opening a wide path for business advertising. Running Facebook ads is one of the mandatory components in digital marketing activities of businesses, with significant measurement effectiveness.

Running Facebook ads to bring benefits to your business strategy?

We all know how to run Facebook ads to occupy a significant position in the marketing activities of the business thanks to its wide Facebook coverage, quick reach, and other visible advantages. The significant benefits are:

Target the right customers: No matter what kind of customers you want: male or female, how old are they, and where they live, what interest they,etc. Because you have the right to decide on your target customers who you want to advertise for. The custom section running Facebook ads will help you localize your audience easily.

Increase sales revenue by reaching thousands of new customers: With billions of users on Facebook, running ads will create favorable conditions for you to reach many new customers, increasing the number of potential customers.

Reduce costs: If you identify the right people who want to market your products and services, you will save a lot of advertising costs, helping to limit customers who do not need products and services you are currently providing.

Diversified forms of advertising: Many forms of promoting products and services to help you choose the right advertising type for your marketing campaign. Control daily expenses paid for Facebook ads, or total expenses needed for advertising campaigns on Facebook: To avoid being over budget. Ads display right after installation is complete: help you reach customers faster, very suitable for products and services for seasonal use.

SERVICE 1: Take care of your personal Facebook Fanpage and Run Ads (optional)

+ 30 quality Post 1 month (1 day 1 post)

+ 02-04 Minigame gives customers a gift a month, so they run ads

+ 04 Big content, high quality interactive and innovative posts according to the concept – Should have running ads

+ Writing content for advertising + Running ads for customers in need

+ Video recording, video production on demand

Monthly cost: 5-12 million / month

+ Content strategy consultancy: free of charge

+ Running ads: Customers run on their own or 1stop side and collect 5-15% of the cost to run ads to manage

+ Write content to run ads: VND 500.000 / ad and propose target and budget for running ads (Follow the steps of Research Insights, Target, Volume, Market and Budget)

+ Design ads to run ads

+ Take pictures of products: Depending on requirements

+ Professional video production running ads: 1-10 million / video depending on the deal. Content will be sent to guests before one week to get approved.

SERVICE 2: Only write the Advertising content + run ads services

This service does not take care of the Fanpage, only the Idea of running Facebook ads and then running ads

Step 1: Research customers, markets, products. Find insights (RTB)

Step 2: Buy customer management software (There are many places for free) Consult to choose the best software

Step 3: Guide customers to connect and create BOTCHAT, take care of Fanpage automatically and people will join to manage orders and close orders effectively.

Step 4: Train the customer service staff to close the orders well, using advanced software

Step 5: Write ads content, take photos of products, make videos, design advertising images – the cost will dissect this part

Step 6: Run ads test, measure CPI, CPL, CPS so that it is the cheapest and most effective before running the real thing – can commit orders to customers when the measurement is completed – costs 20-30% of the running budget ads due to trial runs are usually low budget. Step 7: Run a real run for orders that have finished measuring CPS, cost from 5-15% of the running ads budget


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