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As you might know, Tax is always one of the issues that gets great attention from all businesses. Therefore, accounting business always has to be closely monitored to avoid risks. If you want to find someone to help you figure it out, we can be your best choice!

Throught out the rapidly developing segments of new markets, high demand on interpersonal skills, and greater international requirement, most of the businesses have a trong weakness for scaling up both their working field and area. Thriving global organisations always know what kind of priority they should take into their priority list, and of course, tax concern is indispensible in every individual country. Whether it might be the first time you challenge yourself by entering a world-wide business, or you are inclined to enhance an existing global enterprise, 1StopVN members are always willing to bring about the best services and advices to you.


1. Set up original tax records

With a view to smoothly boosting your company’ bussiness, the original steps are one of the most significant things that you should take into the consideration. As we all might know, Tax constitutes a crucial part in every corporation’s working process. By owning an effective and professional tax solutions in place, your company can enjoy the benefits of it to the utmost in terms of minimizing the associated business risks and liabilities. We – 1StopVN proudly claim our service as high quality and professional kind of support which would definitely enable you to make a massive break through as long as you altilize your services. Our work force will totally immerse themselves in heliping your organizations better respond to the tough environment and gradually turn it into the simple and easy one.

– Consult, prepare records according to the form of the tax agency.

– Contact, explain records at the request of the tax authorities.

2. Monthly tax report:

No more redundant worries about tax reports on every single month once you have got our support. All you have to do now is just stay massive concentration on your duty at work place since we are all in charge of these complicated reports. These are what are included in our service:

– Report on purchased and sold invoices and balance purchased and sold invoices.

– Prepare monthly tax report.

– Print tax reports (approved ones). Directly submit them at the Tax Department.

3. Write accounting books and tax finalization

– Record accounting books by using accounting software.

– Solve arising problems, store invoices documents.

– Report on inventory import and export, materials, goods and products.

– Make annual depreciation of fixed assets and payroll.

– Make accounting balance sheet and business results by month / quarter / year.

– Make cash flow statement (direct – indirect)

– Prepare financial statements at the end of the year.


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