Whether to hire a business consultant or not is a decision every business will have to make. The questions like this are kept into their mind. “ Do I like the people with whom I will potentially be working? Do their goals for the business line up with mine? Are they qualified enough to let my business run smoothly?”.

Yes, of course wrong business consultant can cost a lot of money, but with the right business consultant, whether for a majority buyout or a minority growth investment or as your business and quality management consultant for, is a major decision that will impact not only the future of your company, but also your own personal business objectives


One of the keys to successful investing is Alignment of interests. 1StopVN company evaluates the degree of interest alignment to identify short and long opportunities. Along with long-term investments, we look for the best essential alignment between consumer value, company profitability, management incentives and stock market.

We can support your management and broader employee base in becoming co-owners. We are always an enthusiasm partner with strong leadership teams to help drive growth for years to come and continue building upon your legacy.

You’ve worked tirelessly to get your business to this point. You’ve invested time, energy, money and emotion. 1stopConsultant will make a priority to understand what the business means to you personally and ensure we are aligned with your vision for the future before signing on. So, will we become a good fit for the culture you have created at your company?

Due Diligence aims at helping the customers have an explicit look at the financial issues of the company, including the hidden liabilities, the quality of asset, profit, tax risks, …and all financial issues probably incurred explicitly by consumers.

This service is used to provide an elaborate report presenting all related information and explanation for each component of the financial statements of the target. Clients use this report to agonize their decision on whether to proceed with investment or employ reasonable investment strategies.

You can expect that any consultant business investing significant resources into your company will conduct an intensive due diligence process before a transaction is completed. That said, diligence is a two-way street. Make a concerted effort to learn vital information about our potentials. We are more than willing to accommodate reasonable requests to authenticate our track record.

Traditional/institutional investment firms will have a specific time frame they must follow on behalf of their underlying investors. Have a conversation about how long they want to be involved and what options they would consider for exiting their investment. Additionally, it is imperative to understand how this time frame will impact the strategies they use to realize returns over a specified timeframe, but it does not focus on what is more important: long-term, sustainable value creation.

Compare to a traditional private equity firm, we would maintain our investment in your business for longer time, until we recognize that the timing and next owner are exactly the right fit. We believe that it is the best investment strategy for enabling your business to achieve responsible, sustainable growth and preserving the legacy you have built.

We narrow the gaps that can often stand between companies and their actual potential. All of our partner companies benefit from this added value—it’s the essence of our relationships. Our operational team and financial executives are experts in working with management teams to accelerate performance and value through key initiatives tailored to the needs of the business. Our partnerships are set up and thrive upon the alignment and open communication of our teams. Companies live and die by the people involved, and we take that to heart in everything we do.

Future growth is not just about the financial capital being injected into business. A truly value-additive partner and consultant will be able to help you tackle issues your company is facing. Make sure the potential partner and consultant has the needed experience, network in your geographic area and business chops to help create value. Getting to know the capabilities of the team they bring to the table will help you access if they can truly help move the needle.


We offer our services in the SE Asia region to facilitate your business operations and expansion on the market your company has targeted in the most thriving way.

We assure our high-quality consulting services will continue to be flourish and nourish with a view to meeting today’s high demand.

Also, the operational success of our partnerships constitutes a crucial part in our business strategy. Thereby, we immerse ourselves in accomplishing a more thoughtful and well-rounded approach in order to dedicate massively positive results to our partnerships.

Establishing the Value Creation Plan

• Our desire: Long-term development objectives

1StopvVN combines legal, finance, marketing, IT and PR to be able to provide the most effective and sustainable business model, advice, support and solution.

• Geographic expansion: 1StopVN has a good network and relationship with many SE Asia government agencies, as well as various business associations and professional service providers in the SE Asia region. In the long run, we will harness global sales and procurement opportunities.

Executing the Value Creation Plan

Resource planning: having a high-qualified workforce, mordern and professional systems and strategy in order to meet both short and long-term objectives.

Process improvement: providing a framework and evaluation methodology to strongly develop the process

Sales and marketing: focusing on analyzing and evaluate customers as well as advertising our product in the most eye-catching way

Identifying and motivating talent: ensuring top management and other employees are retained and remunerated appropriately

our Co-Partners


Camega3 is devided into Camega3 plantation and Camega3 Oil.

Based on the status of farmers’ business, climate and soil in parts of Southeast Asia, Camega3 plantation  has  stood a chance to exploit potential of smallholder farmers in ASEAN as well as harmonize and conserve the soil to improve the quality of production.

It is built on agronomy expertise, emerging agribusiness technologies, and advanced food processing technologies, international food standard certification and is designed an innovative franchise platform to build a profitable, sustainable, circular bio-economy based agricultural business.

In addition to this, recognize the lack of oil all around the world, Camega3 Oil aims to make a major contribution by boosting supply of omega-3 oil from alternative sources by producing EPA and DHA.

At PharmACT is whose purpose is to improve the health of those they serve. They are committed to provide quality, convenient, cost-effective, and accessible solutions that always exceed patients and healthcare practitioners‘ expectations. In 2014, the Berlin-based pharmaceutical company PharmACT AG has been established with the mission is summarized in one sentence: “Therapy for life”. As the first product group became available, they separated commercial activities and moved them to PharmACT UG, a new distribution company established in 2019. PharmACT is a manufacturer of medical devices using the ISO 13485 quality assurance system. The QM system is based on ISO 9001, but takes into account the special requirements for manufacturers of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). Our current certification according to ISO 13485 was completed in 2019. They meet the legal requirements for medical devices and the in-vitro diagnostics directive. PharmACT develops technologies and rapid tests that tackle the greatest medical challenges of modern times such as heart attack, diabetes mellitus, and severe liver diseases. Their core values are innovation, excellence, integrity, and safety.
1Stop Consultant Pte Ltd

1Stop Consultant Pte Ltd is an independent, privately-owned international corporate finance and strategic advisory firm, with a focus on private equity (PE), venture capital (VC), project financing, M&A, overseas listings, business partnering and related strategic matters.

Founded in 2017in Singapore, it is active throughout SE Asia and India, and maintain close links with all the major international financial centres, across all time zones. They are a truly global organization, in their thinking, culture, network of contacts and the work that they do. The partners of 1Stop Consultants Group each have more than 10 years’ relevant professional experience gained from assignments and financing projects all around the world.


Crew skills is cited by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) as a Recognized Quality Culinary Education school which is a non-political professional organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines.

State-of-the-art kitchen facilities and senior lecturers have wide industry experience, along with regular Master Chef demonstrations with a national or regional master chef from all around the world and Incentive program for students in difficult circumstances is  good condition for learners.

The graduates are certificated for top earning and international skills migration by Culinary Solutions Australia, City & Guilds Institute of UK and World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). Furthermore, the company guarantee job offers from international hotels, F & B groups and/or luxury cruise lines.


1StopConsultants IT Information Solutions develops and maintains an online platform: TrackSparency.

The online system is in support of all scopes of business activities in the field that includes; feasibility reports, business model/plan, strategy, finance structure, sales, services, product developments, marketing and contracts.

We do this with several core values in mind.

· transparency

· peer 2 peer

· local knowledge

· innovation


Synjectos® was incorporated in 2016 in Indonesia. Synjectos® is used in all areas of Traumatology and Orthopaedics that deal with bone loss during surgery and/or after trauma. Typical indications are filling of bone cysts, articular depression fractures in the spine and long bones, or filling of defects after autologous bone harvesting.

The “Synjectos®” is safeguarded and protected by a very high knowledge in terms of manufacturing and safety procedures know-how.


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