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Today, our 1StopConsultant’s branch offices are located in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Thailand. We offer one-stop-services in the SE Asia region, to better facilitate your business operations and expansion on the market your company has targeted.

Recent years 1StopConsultants has noticed an increasing number of new start establishing foreign companies and joint ventures in the SE Asia region and an increasing number of fast-growing small and medium sized Asian companies and cooperatives. All in evolving need of better advice and support in the complex Asian culture and local and national domestic regulations such as legal, finance, and accounting matters.

1StopConsultants is proud to be the first consultancy firm in Asia that can provide such a comprehensive and dedicated service to meet your need to be successful in Asia.

1StopConsultants has a good network and relationship with many SE Asia government agencies, as well as various business associations and professional service providers in the SE Asia region.

For those companies who seek for a one-stop consultancy services to establish or expand a business, we are your consultant of choice.

Rising opportunities in SE Asia

    • 604 million population with a strong growing  consumers middle class
    • Abundant natural resources
    • Strong domestic consumption
Our consultancy firm provides a one-stop consultancy services for those companies who seek a sustainable business model, web and IT system and finance to expand or establish a business in SE Asia.
South East Asia

SE Asia is the global fastest growing economic region of the world with an average growth over 5% within the last decade. SE Asia’s has exciting and lucrative opportunities for all kind of industries and markets. One of SE Asia’s key strength is its favorable demographic trends as well as it economic diversity, which come together creating a vast potential for continues growth. SE Asia is becoming one of the main engines driving global growth by 2020.

1 Stop Consultants
With 1StopConsultants long operating history and intimate knowledge of SE Asia, we are your consultant of choice to help start, develop and/or expand your business in the SE Asia region.

A home to one of the oldest civilisations, Egypt remains one of the most influential countries in the Arab world. Spanning from the northwest corner of Africa to the southwest corner of Asia, with a population of over 80 million, Egypt is by far the Arab World’s most populous nation and possesses a growing economy that has become increasingly diversified.

However, it is acknowledged that the challenges faced by SMEs in Egypt with regards to maintaining their livelihood and growing their businesses. Therefore, they need an agile team that embraces breakthrough innovation & can build tailored solutions.

Our consultant services will be a real booster for the Egyptian economy, particularly during the upcoming period of expected economic growth. Consultants can accompany family businesses in becoming international corporates.




One of the keys to successful investing is Alignment of interests. 1StopConsultant Asia company evaluates the degree of interest alignment to identify short and long opportunities. Along with long-term investments, we look for the best essential alignment between consumer value, company profitability, management incentives and stock market.

You’ve worked tirelessly to get your business to this point. You’ve invested time, energy, money and emotion. 1StopConsultant Asia will make a priority to understand what the business means to you personally and ensure we are aligned with your vision for the future before signing on. So, will we become a good fit for the culture you have created at your company?


Due Diligence aims at helping the customers have an explicit look at the financial issues of the company, including the hidden liabilities, the quality of asset, profit, tax risks, …and all financial issues probably incurred explicitly by consumers.

This service is used to provide an elaborate report presenting all related information and explanation for each component of the financial statements of the target. Clients use this report to agonize their decision on whether to proceed with investment or employ reasonable investment strategies.

You can expect that any consultant business investing significant resources into your company will conduct an intensive due diligence process before a transaction is completed. That said, diligence is a two-way street. Make a concerted effort to learn vital information about our potentials. We are more than willing to accommodate reasonable requests to authenticate our track record.


Traditional/institutional investment firms will have a specific time frame they must follow on behalf of their underlying investors. Have a conversation about how long they want to be involved and what options they would consider for exiting their investment. Additionally, it is imperative to understand how this time frame will impact the strategies they use to realize returns over a specified timeframe, but it does not focus on what is more important: long-term, sustainable value creation.

Compare to a traditional private equity firm, we would maintain our investment in your business for longer time, until we recognize that the timing and next owner are exactly the right fit. We believe that it is the best investment strategy for enabling your business to achieve responsible, sustainable growth and preserving the legacy you have built.


We narrow the gaps that can often stand between companies and their actual potential. All of our partner companies benefit from this added value—it’s the essence of our relationships. Our operational team and financial executives are experts in working with management teams to accelerate performance and value through key initiatives tailored to the needs of the business. Our partnerships are set up and thrive upon the alignment and open communication of our teams. Companies live and die by the people involved, and we take that to heart in everything we do.

Future growth is not just about the financial capital being injected into business. A truly value-additive partner and consultant will be able to help you tackle issues your company is facing. Make sure the potential partner and consultant has the needed experience, network in your geographic area and business chops to help create value. Getting to know the capabilities of the team they bring to the table will help you access if they can truly help move the needle.

Build and maintain partner bridges

At 1StopConsultant Asia, we build bridges of working relationships and formal partnerships. Because one of our core values is improving program efficiency, we believe that services can be provides more efficiently when working with our highly qualified services. Our worldwide network with leading agencies and organizations to provide the best services possible.

Our staff is dedicated to promoting professionalism and integrity in building bridge and mutual benefit for sustainable development.

In building bridges, we follow three core principles which are Transparency, mutual benefit and efficiency QMS. These are fundamental to effective partnering, no matter where in the world, at what level or scale or with what partners.



Openness and honesty in working relationship are pre-conditions of trust – an important ingredient of most successful partnerships. Only with transparent working will a partnership be truly accountable to its partners, investors and other stakeholders.



It all partners are expected to contribute to the partnership, they should also be entitled to benefit form the partnership. A healthy partnership will work toward achieving specific benefits for each partner over and above the common benefits to all partners. Only in this way will the partnership ensure the continuing commitment of partners and therefore be sustainable.


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